2016-06-19 18.11.02 copia

2016-06-19 18.11.42 copia

2016-06-19 18.12.30 copia

2016-06-19 18.16.12 copia

2016-06-19 18.17.03 copia

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  1. Joos Cédric
    August 3, 2016

    Dear Mrs or Mr

    I contacted you over Instagram with the username Erus Habitus.

    I’m interested in this beautiful piece.

    I’m wondering how long you can put it on hold?(Perfect till end of august or begin of september)

    Are you using paypal as a pay methode?

    Thanks in advance

    Cédric Joos

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Sigma Bienne oversize case

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Manufacturer: Sigma Bienne
Reference: glossy black gilt dial
Year: 20's
Movement: manual winding
Material: nickel chrome
Diameter: oversize 25x52mm
Remarks: NOS condition.